Eugenics During The Holocaust

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Aryan race / Pages: 7 (1641 words) / Published: Apr 27th, 2017
During the barbarity of the Holocaust, thousands of Nazis discreetly committed morally atrocious acts in support of Nazi Germany, completely disregarding their inevitable and significant consequences. Influenced by Nazi propaganda, laws targeting minority groups, and the encouragement of prominent Nazi leaders, these Nazi’s participated in immoral sexual acts and kidnapped innocent children despite basic human morality. Striving to breed the Aryan race, they felt a sacred obligation to fulfill their duty to Hitler and the legacy of Nazi Germany. Kidnapping almost “400,000 children” (Court 1) and forcibly “sterilizing 400,000 people” (“The Biological” 1), their actions brutally enforced eugenics and the loss of morality. Even though the Holocaust …show more content…
As Lebensborn programs gained momentum, deliberately selected Aryan-appearing people endured various tests to be deemed fit for breeding. According to “The Nazi Eugenics,” Nazi doctors and Nazi communities actively sought out and “reported” people with mental or physical disabilities to be sterilized in order to promote eugenics and prevent contamination (1). Nazis targeted minorities for their traits and celebrated the enforcement of eugenics, establishing collectivism that strengthened the Nazi State. In fact, according to “The Biological,” the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring enforced the invasive sterilization of almost “400,000 Germans”, resulting in hundreds of fatalities (2-3). These dangerous procedures resulted in the forced sterilization of unwilling victims in unsanitary conditions, however, sterilization of impure people quickly caught on. Surprisingly, the German influence of encouraging sterilization carried over internationally. Sterilization rates significantly increased in “American states...and new laws were passed in Finland, Norway, and Sweden during the same period” (“The Biological” 1), illustrating Germany’s influential presence on the international stage. Designed to restrict impure relationships, the 1935 ‘Blood Protection Law,’ “criminalized marriage or sexual relations …show more content…
Laws targeting minorities and the disabled resulted in mass sterilizations and the encouragement of racial discrimination. Both men and women firmly believed their immoral sexual relationships protected the legacy of Nazism and fulfilled their patriotic duty. Additionally, his propaganda led to the kidnappings and abandonment of thousands of innocent children. In the modern world, some countries still face oppression from their government or extremist groups, forcing them to participate in deranged practices and dehumanizing thousands. The suffering of innocents and the horrendous beliefs and methods of their oppressors are often understated and hidden under the superficial appearance of eventful atrocities. Amidst all of the crimes committed during the Holocaust, ultimately the atrocities of the Lebensborn must never be forgotten. When basic human morality becomes abandoned and results in obscene acts under the encouragement of propaganda, the actions of the oppressors must never be forgotten to ensure history does not repeat an abominable

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