Topics: Mathematics, Euclid's Elements, Pythagorean theorem Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Euclid is considered by many as the “Father of Geometry.” A Greek mathematician, Euclid is believed to have lived around 300 BC. He is most known for his contributions to geometry and immaculate proofs. His magnum opus, The Elements, is one of the greatest mathematical works in history, with its use in education still existent until the 20th century.

His areas of math ranged from geometry, algebra, number theories, irrational numbers, and solid geometry. Then, after he was done teaching, he wrote his best work, The Elements. It was based on the works of mathematicians that came before him, who he had much respect for, and his own thoughts and theories. The Elements consists of thirteen books, all written by Euclid and based on methods and beliefs before him. Books 1-6 are all on focused on plane geometry, books 7-9 consist of number theories, and book 10 deals with Exodus's theory of irrational numbers, and books 11-13 deal with solid geometry. It is "remarkable for the clarity with which the theorems and problems are selected and ordered" (Albaugh, 1972). At the time of its introduction, Elements was the most comprehensive and logically rigorous examination of the basic principles of geometry. It survived the eclipse of classical learning, which occurred with the fall of the Roman Empire, through Arabic translations. Elements was reintroduced to Europe in 1120 C.E. when Adelard of Bath translated an Arabic version into Latin. Over time, it became a standard textbook in many societies, including the United States, and remained widely used until the mid-nineteenth century. Much of the information in it still forms a part of many high school geometry curricula.

It is important to note that Euclid’s Elements is not his only contribution to mathematics. However, this monumental contribution to the field of geometry overwhelmingly represents Euclid’s presence in mathematics. At any rate, Euclid certain remains one of the most influential and important figures in...
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