EU Membership: Should Norway become a Member?

Topics: Europe, European Union, Norway Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: November 14, 2008
My turn essay

After serious consideration, I have decided to write about the EU-membership. Since the EU was first started, there have been many discussions around this particular theme. This is one of the reasons why I have turned to it in my essay. I think the different parts of the discussion of why Norway should be a member, are very engaging, and there are many good arguments coming from both sides.

For the many members who can join the EU-membership, including Norway, the membership is considered to have many positive consequences. The EU’s expansion into Norway will make an increased competition for the Norwegian economic life and trade, but it will also cause an expansion of the market we know today. The positive consequences of the expansion is partially tied up with a joint regulation wich will cause stabile boundaries for each of the parts it involves. The Norwegian fishmarket will benefit in many ways because of the increased spending power. However, the downside is that the membership will not secure the fishtrade interests.

Another thing we have to take into concideration is that the Norwegian economic life can suffer of a suppression from the other members. It is said that EU is a democracy, but when the many interest-parts want’s to benefit from the membership, it can swiftly cause problems for a country like Norway. A country with not so large population as other countries, but with much more potentially/real resources. Such a suppression can easily cause a crack of the Norwegian market. Joining the EU will also come with many commitments. That I am not sure the of people of Norway are capable of handling.

A part of the countries that can or has joined the EU, are very pour and this causes economical commitments towards them. On the long run, the helpers may benefit of the development of these countries, but in what degree is not sure. Suppression of the countries outside EU, will defenitely cause disputes, and maybe also...
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