Eu-China Relationship

Topics: Economics, International trade, European Union Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: November 14, 2008
Our project emphasized on the development of the economic relationship between EU and China, and especially on international trade. The objectives are to understand and identify the main factors determining or influencing the direction and scope of the relationship between the two countries within a broad theoretical framework and large social context and to explore the future development tendency, and furthermore, to see the possibilities of forming strategic partnerships between the two giants. Our analysis is based on the assumption of two mainstreams of international relations theories neo-realism and neo-liberalism. In the neo-realist context, both sides take the US which being considered the solely superpower after the Cold War in consideration. On the EU side, it’s objective is firstly to get ride of the control of US both politically and economically and become more independent in the world arena. Secondly, is to enlarge Europe and strength its power and influence in depth. While on the China side, likewise, it was shown that China has a ever-growing desire of shaking off from the position of over-depending on the US. The EU becomes inevitably an important alternative for China. It is the balance of power brings China and EU together. In the neo-liberalist context, trade relations are determined by the relative economic performance of both sides, by the degree of complementarity and by the mutual benefits. With these two important theories, our project has examined the significant developments with a particular emphasis on the development of China-EU trade relations. Thus, we can draw several conclusions on the basis of our research. I. The trade between the two parties has been developing in a stunning speed. Trade relations are rather good. From January to October 2004, bilateral trade volume reached $1421 billion, which increased 34.4% comparing with the same period last year. China is now EU’s second largest trade partner, while EU has become...
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