Etta James

Topics: Etta James, Heroin, Cadillac Records Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: February 7, 2014

Etta James

Famous singer originally named as Jamesetta Hawkins. Jamesetta was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 25, 1938. She was a very dynamic song writer of the blues, jazz, and a gospel prodigy. Jamesetta mother Dorothy Hawkins had her at the age of fourteen years old. Despite the struggles as a child, raising a child was hell. But Dorothy knew her daughter had a spontaneous voice. In the church choir, receiving fame and praise from the neighborhoods’ radio station. Jamesetta took the world or should I say began the buzzing in towns. Dorothy knew her daughter had talented voice; Dorothy always kept intriguing Jamesetta to be all she can and do her all. Dorothy never gave up on her. After moving from San Francisco at the age of twelve, Jamesetta moved back to Los Angeles when she was sixteen years old to record “The Wallflower” with the Otis band. Around the year of 1954 she shortened her name to Etta James. Etta James earned a Grammy Award in 1973 for her eponymous album. Etta James was the male solo version of any male group. Her voice alone made her the phenomenon women. Not only was her style but her attitude was outspoken. I highly believe how the society and drugs peer pressured Etta to turn to the addiction of heroin was she did not know who her father was. Rumor said it was an Italian man who was a big time drug dealer in the mob. He had felled in love with Etta mother Dorothy, who was at that time a prostitute. They also said he was a great pool player. So they say Etta had inherited that gift as well. I totally believe it. Etta had no supporters to help her kick the drug habit. Her mother died leading her into a spiral into a depression. Not receiving any psychiatric help. After, singing for Chess records in Chicago; she and her career when down the hill enforcing her to turn to the addiction of heroin and heavily. I think it is and was real rude for the media and critics to say about her that she was a home wrecker. Due to Etta...
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