Etops Authorization

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Individual Assignment 1
ETOPS Authorization

1.Requirements for ETOPS authorization3
1.1.ETOPS maintenance requirements3
1.2.Flight operation Requirements5
2.Applications to Conduct ETOPS7
3.Approval for ETOPS8
4.ETOPS Operations for Airbus 320 aircraft which will operate on the CMB-SIN route9

* Introduction

Aviation Industry evolves rapid through innovations. Especially in jet engine sector. Time to time the technology and the reliability of jet engines, has been improving continuously. It has established the safe operational practices for long distance operations.

Even though it is safe to operate in long ranges, but there is risk to carry, because of the climate conditions or any other emergency situation. Therefore the Federal Aviation Administration has developed a concept called ETOPS-Extended Range Operations, which ensure the safe flight of the aircraft. ETOPS has been expanded to include all passenger-carrying airplane operations where a proposed flight plan includes any point that is greater than 180 minutes from an adequate airport (at an approved one-engine inoperative cruise speed under standard conditions in still air.). To conduct ETOPS, the specified airplane-engine combination must be certificated to the airworthiness standards of transport-category airplanes and be approved for ETOPS Intention of this report is to give guidelines to obtain ETOPS certificate for a Sri Lankan based airline, which look forward to start operation on Colombo to Singapore route. The first chapter describes the requirements the airline have to fulfill in order to gain the ETOPS authorization. In the second chapter describes the procedure to apply for ETOPS authorization. The final chapter describes the approval of ETOPS operation and suggestions for the airline to operate between Colombo and Singapore.

Requirements for ETOPS authorization

The ETOPS certificate holding airline should consent with the ETOPS flight operational regulations, which are described in the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)’s Advisory circular 120-42B. All the ETOPS programs and processes which are going to be designed by the airline have to be assessed and approved by the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. The CAASL practice the regulatory of the FAA’s above mentioned Advisory circular. According to the regulation there are two main requirements have to be fulfilled for obtaining the ETOPS authorization. 1. ETOPS maintenance requirements

2. ETOPS flight operations requirements
Above mentioned requirements should be eligible along with following programs and certificates. 1.1. ETOPS maintenance requirements

The following check lists, programs should be included in the ETOPS maintenance manual of A320. * Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP): This program should be a maintenance and inspection program for the A320 aircraft, which contains the instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) based on the manufacturer’s maintenance program, which includes the specific ETOPS requirements. This will ensure the A320 to achieve and maintain the level of performance and reliability necessary for ETOPS operations. * ETOPS Maintenance Document:

This document consists all the ETOPS requirements including supportive programs, procedures, duties and responsibilities and created for the personnel who are involved in ETOPS. It explains the expected level of service and competencies for ETOPS maintenance personnel. * ETOPS Pre-Departure Service Check (PDSC):

This certificate makes sure the aircraft and the significant equipments are airworthy and compatible for ETOPS. This may include visual inspections required for the process for determining engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) oil quantities, and consumption rates prior to send off for ETOPS. * Dual...

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