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Etisalat Planning

People will have freedom of movement to anywhere they want around the world while staying in touch with family and make new friends as well as the development of their knowledge and expand their interests in the manner they want. The different categories of business, you will not be limited by distance and will be able to access new markets. Innovative technologies will open the door wide to global investment opportunities which provide new products and services to be accessible to everyone.

We are working with determination on the development of modern networks enable people to progress and learn and grow to new heights.

We appreciate and promote the concepts of enthusiasm and vitality necessary to achieve the best in the business and look forward to meet the challenges and take advantage of future opportunities.

The Future
Music, books and services are no longer sold in their regular form; anyone can found it in the Internet. Advanced networking wills increasingly education, health care and other goods and services. Medical consultations remotely, for example, enable patients to get the best tips and advice from doctors around the world as made now robots do perform surgery possible. With the acceleration of the pace of technological change, will seek "contacts" to provide the latest technology and services and access to new markets and create opportunities for its customers to achieve their aspirations and take advantage of everything the world has to offer them. Approach and Methodology of Etisalat

Etisalat "one of the largest global communications companies serving different business sectors, individuals, telecom service providers and Internet content companies and international. One of the core values ​​is community service, a commitment to provide the best to improve people's lives and protect the environment for future generations they do it through the support of a wide range of social and economic initiatives and environmental across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Etisalat work closely with governments and other companies and institutions, and they sponsor and participant in the events and programs that promote the causes of education, social welfare, and international relations, and culture, both within the UAE and throughout their extended enterprise. Etisalat firmly believe that education makes a difference in people's lives and provide financial assistance for literacy projects and educational institutions. Support the development of schools, colleges and research centers and encouraging talented to pursue higher education in their chosen field. And within their own organization, they build products and services for people with special needs in the firm belief that all members of society should have the same amount of freedom to communicate. Etisalat are also proud to be a sponsor of the Paralympics. They will continue their commitment to corporate social responsibility, and always aim to bring about a change for the good and to build a better world for all.

Methodology of Research
The methodology consists of the descriptive and analytical approaches, and this means the reliance on the study of the phenomenon in accordance with a close and detailed quantitative and qualitative description, using the applied method through the collection and analysis of data and testing of the study hypotheses. And the researcher used the descriptive analytical method based on field study to obtain the data from its main sources and to test the validity of the hypotheses and to answer the inquiries in order to identify about Etisalat Planning.

Strategy and Planning of Etisalat
They have been preparing for strategy of "Etisalat" to focus collective energies and efforts to exploit the emerging opportunities to address all future challenges. And adopt a strategy of "Etisalat" on six key...

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