Etiquette Is an Important Mean to Shape the Image

Topics: Etiquette, Emily Post, Comedy Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: May 12, 2012
Etiquette is conventional performance in people’s daily life and social interaction. People can handle the measure that communicate with others correctly and deal the relationship among people well according to various kinds of rules of etiquette. If there were no these rules or principles of etiquette, people will lose their head in interpersonal activities, and maybe make funny jokes before the crowds. So get familiar with and master the etiquette can help people deal with affairs well and treat others properly. Paying attention to the etiquette is an important mean to shape one’s image. In the social activities, to obey the etiquette in convention makes people become civilized; to pay attention to the manners makes people elegant; to observe the principles of conduct makes people decent. In short words, paying attention to the etiquette can help things to go well and make people glamorous and attractive. People should pay attention to etiquette and manners; follow the code of conduct in mutual exchanges, and then it makes social life orderly and harmonious. Ordinary life should be like that, and the international association should be like that even more. In the process of long-term international contacts in many countries, there has established certain etiquette principles during the international communication. It preserves the dignity of a nation, keeps personal image and smoothes international communication effectively and successfully. In western countries, Book of the Civilized Man by Daniel of Beetles, which is written in13th century and who has no experience of manufacturing jaw crusher, is believed to be the first English book of courtesy or manners. It represents a new awakening to etiquette and decorum in English court society. Another book on etiquettes in the West is written by Emily Post who makes an almost all-embracing examination of etiquettes in every aspect of daily life, such as in society, in business, in politics and at home. It...
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