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United States Vs. Britain: Etiquette
Etiquette is a certain code of conduct that creates expectations for a communtiy to follow as a known social norm. Every country has its own distinct style of etiquette that is taught from the time an individual is born and followed until the individual either moves or is deceased. Learning the various types of etiquette can be very challenging for those who are not familiar with a particular culture. From body language to the way an individual may greet others can be significantly different throught different places around the world. Focusing on just two countries: United States and Britain, this essay will not only inform others on the differences of etiquette in these two countries but also stress the importance of becoming aware of ones surroundings and how to behave.

The differences in the etiquette of communication between the United States and Britain could not be any more diverse. Whereas in the United States, people are more straight forward in how they acknowledge eachother, while the British are more hesitant, using words such as "perhaps" or "possibly" to avoid any tribulations in case of a misunderstanding. Body language is exceedingly important to become aware of. Wann 2

When greeting one another, both countries generally use a handshake. A firm handshake signifies a hard worker and it says a lot about one's character. Also, similar with both countries, personal space is also very important. People fromm both countries generally talk to each other from a distance of about arms length apart; any closer is viewed as being uncomfotable. In the United States, it is considered propper etiquette to avoid the conversations that are controversial topics, unless very well educated, that may include politics, religion, racism, homomsexueality, etccetera. These topics are not taken lightly in the United States and can be very sensitive and dangerous topics to discuss. In Britain, people are known to be very...

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