Etiology of Addiction - Comparison Theory

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Family therapy Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Comparison of Theories

The family model theory and the diseases model of addiction are very essential in understanding from psychology point of view. The foremost discussion is the family model. This theory has a very strong belief that the addiction of an individual is could only be understood when the relation of the person with his family is considered on the first priority, this means that any person is determined by his addiction and other habits by his relation with his family members and peers. This model is very closely related to the family as a whole, all the theories are developed by considering family behaviors, which are the foremost reasons of any person’s behavior in the society and his addiction towards the unethical entities like alcohol and drugs. In the addiction treatment there are basically three types of models that determine the success of the treatment, these includes the family system models, family behavior model also known as the behavioral marital therapy and lastly the family disease model. The additional attachment in the family model is also associated with the combination of several other aspects that plays an essential role in the therapy (Jann Gumbiner, 2010). These are strategic family therapy, structural family therapy, bowenian family therapy, contextual family therapy, network therapy, community reinforcement approach, community reinforcement and family training, and multidimensional family therapy. In contrast to this approach of addiction disease model is somewhat different from it. The disease model has been the dominant model of treatment in the entire American continent. According to this model, there has been a theory that sates that there are certain individual in the society who poses different physical or physiological conditions, which are the cause of their incapability of drinking and using certain kinds of drugs that are harmful. This approach irrespective of the family model focuses on the treatment...
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