Ethos Pathos And Logos

Pages: 5 (1095 words) Published: May 4, 2016

My group members and I chose to take on this topic of issue because we felt like it was and still is mostly overlooked today. Furthermore, we as a group chose this topic because we all had different education backgrounds and we thought that it would be interesting topic to look up more information on. In the group, I was the only one who had a Catholic school background. I had never been into a public school until I came to William Paterson University. Unlike public school which was free, my mother paid tuition for me to have a good education. Catholic education has become a huge part of my life for many years. It is the reason today why my faith is powerful. At my elementary and high school, we would pray three times a day, and we would address...

Both of our mediums provided a rhetorical analysis. Ethos was our brand and logo name which was Urban education advocates or the UEDA. Our logo also was depicted as a high school student running with a diploma in his hand because he was happy that he graduated and he didn’t let his urban environment deter him from getting a good education. Logos is our thesis and argument which was “Education = Success, we’ll accept nothing less”. Also logos was our drop out of highschool students in the pamphlet and in the poster. It was also the statistics that we said in the pamphlet. Pathos was our pictures in the poster which was on the powerpoint presentation. Student one on the left side of the poster, was depicted as the student from the low- income urban area home. She only had a piece of notebook paper to write on. In addition, she looked bored and uninterested in school and the work that she was doing. In contrast, the other student in the picture on the right, looked very interested in her work and in school. She also had better resources than the other student because she came from an upper class school. This student had a laptop in front of her and she looked fully engaged and she was fully prepared to do her work. These pictures showed an emotional appeal to our audience because you automatically become sorry for the urban girl. The audience thinks that it’s not fair to have one student writing with a piece a paper and the other with a laptop solely because they go to different schools in different cities. They both should be treated equally because they are both trying to get a decent education. But how can they both equally get a good education if they get different resources from...
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