Ethnographies: Different Cultures around the World

Topics: Sociology, Anthropology, Value Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Culture represents the ideas, values that reflect into the people’s behavior. The articles related to culture show how the people behave, how important their values are from them, and how the people react in new situations. Crack in Spanish Harlem, gives a representation of how the economic system have changed in America. To sell drugs is more effective option to obtain a lot of money instead of having a minimum wage. The American culture has extremely changed to valuing economic status, discrimination and arrogance.

In the other hand, Eating Christmas in the Kalahari, the Kung’s society use humility as their main value. They protect each other from arrogance. They all share their food and help each other.
The Kpelle Moot also gives an example of how the Kpelle’s society care for their citizens and help them solve their problems. Basically, they represent a chiefdom culture.
Cell phones, Sharing, and Social Status in an African Society demonstrates how technology has changes their society in good and bad ways. Cell phones are a probe on the people’s social relationships.

In contrast, the Secrets of Haiti’s Living Dead is a rank society where their culture takes away the people’s free will and independence by changing them into zombies. Wade Davis, an ethno botanist found out that zombification is a state where highly poison liquids are rubbed into the victim’s skin and it paralyzed them and even caused death. The community seen zombification as worst punishment than death.

All in all, these Ethnographies show how different the cultures are around the world. It gives different examples of how the people react to problems or situations.
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