Ethnic Relations

Topics: Ethnic group, United States, Racism Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: November 16, 2006
Prateek Shukla 3/30/05
ETHNIC RELATIONS PAPER "We don't want you here anymore white principal," (Roberts 2) such misanthropical acts and slanders have been committed against thousands of people, almost every single day, here in the U.S. In fact, there have been many volatile arguments on the constitutional rights of ethnicity. Paul Craig Roberts believes that mass immigration will endanger American society. On the other side of the story is Professor Lipsitz, who believes that we must overcome racial and ethnic boundaries despite differences. Ethnicity has an immense and immeasurable influence on mass immigration, racial and ethnic boundaries, but all this must be condoned when it comes down to ethnic relations.

Ethnicity has a significant impact on mass immigration. "One can make a replica of the joys of traveling and sight-seeing by just walking down neighborhood streets of D.C. Beltway" (Roberts 2). Immigration policies have made considerable changes to the makeup of U.S. residents. Around the years of 1965 the democrats changed immigration laws in hopes that the Asian and Hispanic voters would take part in a ballot in favor of the democrats. This ultimately led to a chain reaction. With this new policy taking place, native-born citizens were becoming "ethnically cleansed" (Roberts 2). Many of us may view immigrants as contributors to the diverse "melting pot", but the melting pot is out of the question when countless new immigrants have higher statuses than those of native-born citizens! The U.S. keeps taking 1.2 million immigrants annually, but keep in mind that most of the immigrants that enter, are coming in illegally. In this situation, homogeneous culture has ultimately become the victim. Recently a federal judge claimed that out of one hundred new...
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