ethnic notions

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, British Empire Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Demetrius Wilcox
Ms. Hoover
Why was Africans use as slaves?

Africans were use as slaves because of the used of economic reasons. Even though that racism justify the harsh treatment of slaves owner, this do not change the fact Africans are incident people. I believe economic reasons put Africans in a slave position. Williams wanted these slaves because it’s cheaper for them to work instead of whites. They wanted to use them to do hard labor on the plantations. It would be harder for them to control whites because they are hard to identify while enslaved. Slave owners would continue buying Africans because they are a cheaper price and built to work. Africans provided cheaper labor for the slave owners and the mother county. Williams looks at the contribution of the slave trade to the development of British capitalism. He suggests that the anti-slavery movement was a group response of the middle-class to a decline of the West India interest on one hand, and a change in the needs of an increasingly industrialized society in which they lived on the other. He argues that the campaign for abolition was inextricably linked with the middle-class campaign for free trade. The work attempts to place in historical perspective the relationship between early capitalism as exemplified by Great Britain, and the black slave trade, black slavery, and the great colonial trade of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. My opposing states that Jordan uses Africans as slaves because they were the sign of death. A racism reflection off other people doesn’t mean they have to be slaves. Jordan argues that early slavery in America prefigured a modern conception of race, as white Englishmen drew upon an older tradition of viewing Africans as distastefully different for many reasons (non-Christian, animalistic, sexuality) of which skin color was just one aspect. Jordan said they were dirty and non-human. Even though Queen Elizabeth was beautiful, Negros were still ugly to...
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