Ethnic Drums

Topics: Drum, Musical instrument, Africa Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: April 10, 2011
As An instrument Ethnic Drums has become very popular. They are also such a wide category containing sounds and rhythms from Africa and Latin countries. They tend to have the power to bring out the music in people often complementing our own natural rhythm. They liven ceremonies, events and entertain all over the world. The djembe drum , a member of the membranophone family of music instruments, seems to be very similar to many other drums across Africa, however it does have a few important differences that sets it apart from the others. The djembe originates from the 12th century and may also be called the djembe, jembe, sanbanyi, jymbe or even the yembe. It is crafted from only one piece of wood that is then shaped like a goblet and hollow with a skin covering the top. Usually this top is made from goatskins because of the abundance of them it is also said that the goat skin are thick and tougher and has a great quality of sound. Over the past years the djembe drum has become the popular and sought after drum, inspiring other drum makers all around the world. The Djembe drum can be tuned by evenly pulling the vertical ropes very tightly so that The drum is usually used for many festive events such as during full moon, harvest times, weddings and baptisms. At these events the drums are usually accompanied by various rhythmic dancing.

The Bata drum, native to the Yoruba people of Nigeria, consists of three or five drums in a set that can either be played with hands or a stick. These drums are considered sacred and are often to prayed and sacrificed to. These drums also play a very important part of Cuban culture, being that they were introduced when African slaves were brought to Cuba and can still be found in modern Cuban music such as jazz and timbal.

The bougarabou comes from West Africa and still is most popular in those area. Originally the Bougarabou was made in a one set size and played with a stick or hands but recently it has been made in...
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