Ethnic and racial assimilation

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Ethnic and racial assimilation

Melting pot or salad bowl

Assimilation is the process by which many groups have been made a part of a common cultural life, which commonly shared values. The United states is described as a melting pot, because various racial and ethnic groups have been combined into one culture.

The united states is described as a salad bowl, because various groups have remained different from one another. A bicultural group is characterized by considering themselves as Americans but also wants to retain their original language, traditions and culture. Assimilated:

North European (Danish, German)


American Jews

The establishment of the Dominant culture?

80% of the population were traced back to England, And 20% were black (1 mio. Native Americans) WASP (White anglo-saxon protestants)
English speaking, Western Europe, Protestants, and middle class

The Assimilation of Non-.Protestant and Non-Western Europeans

They came from poverty-stricken nations of southern- and eastern Europe American at the time were very fearful of the new immigrants, they saw them as a thread to the American values and way of life. The helped the new immigrants to find jobs and houses, in exchange for votes. Yes, Yes they were. The helped to assimilate large numbers of new immigrants. Rapidly expanding economy.

The African-American Experience

The Africans came unwillingly.
Yes, Yes it is
In the southern states it was the basis of the economy.
A minority of whites insisted that slavery and freedom could not exists together, but the majority believed that the freedom and equality opportunity needed to be protected for white people only, but they were afraid that black slavery would eventually take away their economic freedom. No worker could compete with an unpaid slave. No, the black people were still being discriminated and did not have equal opportunities of the whites

The civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s...
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