Ethm 515 Contextualization

Topics: Bible, Understanding, Culture Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 4, 2013

Muna Haddad
ETHM 515
Dr. Lonetti

Throughout the lives of missionaries who’s purpose is to reach the unreached with the message of the Gospel, contextualization plays a huge role. Throughout this paper I will analyze the meaning, as well as compare and contrast the idea of contextualization. Throughout the world there are many different cultures that have extremely different ways of life and cognitive processes. Understanding that this is barrier that can be reached is essential in reaching those groups of people. Contextualization is the process of making the Gospel easy to understand in the culture we are trying to reach. Sharing the Gospel in a way that they can relate (but not changed) is essential. Understanding the culture and the importance of certain rituals or offenses in important when trying to reach the people in that culture. IF there is something that I know is offensive to the culture there is no need to emphasize it. One example that was given was the fact that a Hindu that hold to the belief that one must not eat meat there is no need to tell that person that they should eat meat. The reason being that they can be vegetarians forever and still be saved. However if one is not mindful of the culture they can easily fall into situations that can destroy the seed that is planted. Contextualization is beneficial when it is used properly. Unlike uncritical contextualization that “opens doors to syncretism of all kinds, if Christians continue in beliefs and practices that stand in opposition to the gospel, these in time will mix with their newfound faith and produce various forms of problems.” When old views and rituals are not even examined many issues arise. In order to reach the people one must study where the ritual or practice came from and evaluated in the light of Scripture. The A missionary would need to get all the church together and discuss and evaluated the root of a tradition . Next one would need to evaluate...

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