Ethics Today

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Krystal Klosowski
Business Ethics
Rasmussen College

Ethics Today
It would probably be a bit of an understatement to say that the study of Ethics has changed over the past thirty years. Before the 1960’s most discussions on ethics was generally a direct result of personal or religious beliefs. The organized religions often examined how companies would run. This would include the rights of workers, work environment, and how much they got paid. During the 1960’s political venues began to pop up and the civil rights movement created new laws that protected citizens against discrimination. At the end of 1970 Richard Nixon signed into law the Occupational and Safety Health Act. The main goal of OSHA was to provide a safe and hazard free work environment. In 1991 the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations set the tone for new regulations. The goal was to take preventative actions against misconduct on any organization including corporations, partnerships, not-for-profit organizations, and unions. The most important guidelines are consistent enforcement and continuous improvement. Consistent enforcement is important because employers need to know and understand that misconduct and unethical behavior is not something that should be taken lightly. Continuous improvement is also important because ethical issues are going to continually evolve and it is important to keep up with where it is headed.

The biggest challenge would be the management of growth. As our society continues to move forward into the twenty first century our economy grows on a global scale rather than a national scale. Organizations must now realize and recognize our diverse system of people. There is a diverse value system and people from other areas and the structure of organizations has changed in order to accommodate to such changes such as cultures, morals, and ethics.
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