Ethics – the Key of Commercial Success

Topics: Business, Applied ethics, Corporation Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Ethics – The Key of Commercial Success
Business sometimes is evil, because the only thing it wants to get is money! This is a common opinion of people about commerce. Since human beings first developed the enterprise of commerce, businessmen have been fighting for profit. However, the most successful and greatest businessmen, like Andrew Carnegie, or Bill Gates, are all people who follow a fixed rule of ethics. Ethics is the basic rule for people to judge whether something is good or evil. It is also the base line for being a good person for the society. Moreover, in spite of what some people say, ethics also can determine whether or not businessmen can be successful in commercial activities.

Ethics is the foundation of anything, included success. How do we to connect ethics with success in commercial activities? In the article “Why Ethics Are Necessary for Business” by Jim Aldridge, he noted that although business is a process of getting profit, ethics are still important to limit some bad actions businessmen do for profit. The article helps us understand that only a virtuous businessman can gain real profit. The book “The Story of Google,” by David Vise and Mark Masleed, argued ethics is the key of the success or failure of Google for the future. Similarly, the article also states that rule of ethics in a company can be misunderstood by others. Then “What Is Success?” Daniel Scocco showed us ethics and business are not in conflict. There is possibility for businessmen get positive impact on change the lives of other people, and get profit at the same time (Scocco). The three articles give us sufficient evidences about relationship between the ethics and success in the area of commerce. All companies must have ethics if they want to succeed. It’s the basic condition of success. In fact, commercial ethics apply not only to how owners treat both customers but also to how they treat employees, who are “the [essential] cogs …...
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