Ethics of a&F
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There are some ethical issues involved. Firstly, Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F) practices subtle racism through selective labour hiring based on their looks rather than their abilities and qualifications. On most occasions, A&F finds models or great looking people to represent their sales force. There were numerous complains whereby A&F managers maintains an "all-white" workforce, forcing non-Caucasian employees to be hired for nightshifts and backroom storage away from the eyes of the public. While such hiring practices abide to the federal law, it is unethical as it violates basic human rights. While such acts intend to build a classy and stronger brand image so as to promote sales as well as value add to their products, deliberate misrepresentation tends to affect many stakeholders.
Consumers may be more willing to purchase from A&F at a higher price due to the advertising rather than for the quality of the clothes itself. There is also conflict of interest between management and employees where A&F benefits from commanding a higher price premium which in turn generates a larger revenue. Non-advantaged employees tends to work with few career advancement opportunities and is treated unfairly against "white" employees.

Secondly, A&F targets their marketing efforts only to only the slim and fit people. They do not offer large size clothes to women. Furthermore, in an interview in 2006 A&F 's CEO Mike Jeffries out rightly claimed that they do not want big sized people to wear their clothes in an effort to preserve their brand image. Such enacted values will have a great influence on existing and future employees which are important stakeholders. Employees whose values are misaligned with A&F may quit.
For the first ethical issue, the risk mainly revolves around the fact that in today 's progressing society, unethical business practices do not go unnoticed. Consumers may deemed A&F as unethical and

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