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Ethics, morals and current events

By AliJafri3 Oct 15, 2013 457 Words

Most of these cells they experiment with cloning are usually discarded, so it's like were playing with life. And the other moral issue is, is it right to clone a human being, especially as it is against religion and the belief that God made humans. Other ethical issue is most cells die, and the concept of life is in your hands. Many groups have expressed their concern about the new ethical implications arisen from the possibility to clone humans. Some countries have proposed or already passed total bans to human cloning. Society is responding differently because they are in different circumstances. For example large enterprises are rarely threatened by such laws, but at the same time smaller research groups will have problems with them. Since they are only so many people in the world that are rich enough to get around the laws of human cloning. A Solution for cloning could be using computer simulations, tests on animals or organic structure. Also since the research affects the surroundings of where the research is taking place. There should be a total stop of research in certain areas. Cloning can change the world a whole lot. First of all, there are side effects. Clones don’t live as long because their cells divide quicker than ours and they would die quicker. Second of all, there are too many humans in the planet right now. With resources dwindling, we need to conserve. Clones will not help us solve this problem at all. Everybody that could afford one, would like to buy a clone, and where are we going to put all these new people? We are running out of space to live, and eventually the human race will die off because there will be so many people and not enough resources and land. 

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, analyzed all processes of change in categories borrowed from the growth and development of living organisms. Even prior to modern genetics, it was obvious that the development of living organisms must be directed by some internal pattern that ensures that acorns always grow into oaks, not maples, and that chicks always grow into hens, not horses. Aristotle believed that “each individual has its built-in specific pattern of development and grows toward proper self-realization as a specimen of its type. Growth, purpose, and direction are thus built into nature”. Therefore, it is my belief that Aristotle would conclude that genetic engineering is not ethical because it is not a natural process, it is man-made. I further believe that Aristotle would claim that genetic engineering is immoral, particularly cloning, because it is not possible 5 to use this process in moderation. Aristotle believed in the “golden mean”, which means that everything in moderation gives life meaning.

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