Ethics Model

Topics: Ethics, Individualism, Individual rights Pages: 5 (1710 words) Published: September 30, 2010
Question 1:

Explain the group’s model on the guidelines or principles that will guide you in making ethical decisions. Remember to indicate the sources that you used in compiling the model.

One have to admit that ethics cannot be compared to feelings but nonetheless our feelings does guide or influence our ethical choices. Ethical guidelines for every individual in the group will differ from member to member and the group has decided to adhere to all three the following principles in order to assist in making unified decisions when the same is required:

1. The utilitarian approach. The group will endeavour itself to seek the greatest good for the great number of people when making a decision. Basically choosing the highest degree of satisfaction

2. Individual rights. The group will adhere to the fact that each member is entitled to basics rights and the same needs to be respected and taken into consideration. Some of the rights can be freedom of religion, expression etc.

3. Distributive justice. The group strive and be as impartial and fair as possible by treating each of its’ members equally.

As individuals, our personal values plays an important role in ethical decision making. As a team we have realised that the Wild Ducks Group members does share the same values, thus applying and merging the above principles will help us to find common ground on various ethical issues.

The above principles and guidelines that we have adhered to are very relevant for our group as our members are come from diverse backgrounds, race, culture, religion and even countries. We have to ensure that each individual member is treated on the same level and fairly, given the same right to expression and that any decision taken will be for the greatest good of the group and that any of our decision as a group will reflect the same principle as well.

Question 2.1
How do you differentiate between a bribe and a gift?
A bribe can be defined as accepting a gift for favour done, or as a gift to ensure that favouritism might occur. The making of illegal payments, or bribes, to persons in official positions as a means of influencing their decisions. A bribe is a gift or money offered to persuade a person to do something usually dishonest.Example: He bribes the guard to let him in at the soccer stadia. One can define a bribe as a form of corruption via the means of a gift, favour or services to be provided to a person who is in a position of power with the intention of influencing the latter’s behaviour or decisions for one’s own advantage. It is a form of corruption and is considered unethical as well as the fact that bribery is considered a crime in many regions of the world. One example of a bribe would be of a motorist handing out money to the policeman in order to avoid a speeding ticket. It is also to be noted that an act of bribery will comprise of a minimum of 2 people. A gift is seen as measure of gratitude, it is important to enter any gifts of money or physical goods into a company gift register. The gift register can also be in the name of an individual. A gift is given willingly from one person to another with no strings attached and no expectations.Example: A birthday present. A gift can be defined as something of value that is given with no intention of influencing someone’s decision or expectation of return. A gift is handed out more as a reward or a present as a sign of gratitude. One example of a gift would be a birthday present.

Question 2.2
Is it unethical to do less than your best in terms of performance on assignments or goals set at work although you reach the goals? Although the group has set specific guidelines regarding the individual performance of the members. No it is not unethical not do your best, you have to complete the goal or the task that was given to you. Each company with employees should have a duty sheet for each of the employees that spell out...
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