Ethics in a business since

Topics: Business ethics, Social responsibility, Applied ethics Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Ethics in a business since, is the principles and standards that determine acceptable conduct in business organizations. The acceptability of behavior in business is determined by customers, competitors, government regulators, interest groups, and the public, as well as each individual’s personal moral principles and values. Social responsibility is defined as a business’s obligation to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on society. Although many people use the terms social responsibility and ethics interchangeably, they do not mean the same thing. Business ethics relates to an individual’s or a work group’s decisions that society evaluates as right or wrong, whereas social responsibility is a broader concept that concerns the impact of the entire business’s activities on society. If there were a car wash in my neighborhood that decided to use bikini-clad ladies to dry off cars as they leave to up their business, I personally would enjoy it very much. Sadly thought, I wouldn’t be able to approve of a move like that to be done if I were an alderman in the city government. Why I wouldn’t be able to approve of a business move like this is because, it goes against a lot of ethical and social responsibilities. Many consumers and social advocates believe that businesses should not only focus on making a profit but they should also consider the social implications of their activities. Having half naked girls drying off cars may get a car wash company extra business but, they would also be offending a lot of people which could lead to public outrage, negative advertisement and loss of customers. If a city ordinance has been proposed about requiring all sales of alcoholic beverages take place no closer than two city blocks, there would be some ethical and social responsibility issues. There are two sides to an ethical and social responsibility argument in this case. Why there are two sides is because if this ordinance were enacted to...
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