Ethics in Social Work Practice

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“Values and ethical in social work practice”

An ethical dilemma exists:
When the social worker must choose between two or more relevant, but contradictory, ethical directives, or when every alternative results in an undesirable outcome for one or more persons. Several value systems and ethical practices impact the social worker intervention and outcome. Values and ethics are closely related .Values are a society's system of beliefs ,principles and traditions that guide behaviors and practices, however ethics are a system of moral principles and perceptions about right versus wrong and the resulting philosophy of conduct that is practiced by an individual ,group, profession or culture.NASWS code of ethics, provide guidelines for professional conduct in six key areas: clients,colleagues,practice setting, professionalism, the profession and the broader society. The role of the social worker may be to advocate for a client system rights or to assist the client in enhancing her or his quality of life. The social workers need to understand the value systems of all involved so they do not unknowingly discriminate a against a client system through inappropriate language or behavior, moreover they expected to respect the value systems of others. The professions values moved through four phases:

* The morality period of the late 19 century,
* The values period of the 20 century,
* The ethical theory and decision –making period of the latre 20 century * The current period of ethical standards and risk management

Values of the social work profession levels:-
* Individual or personal values
* Group values
* Societal values
* Professional values
We can categorize these values by type and outcome ultimate vales, proximate values and instrumental values. Value conflict –a situation in which a social workers vales clash with the value system of a client, agency, co-worker or society in general. Social work professional may encounter different aspects of value

Conflict such as:-
* Job-related value conflicts; In which the social workers value system comes into conflict with the duties that she or he has been hired to perform-value conflicts can also arise when social workers find themselves in the role of an authority . * Value conflicts related to religion and belief; a value conflicts can occur when the religious beliefs of the client and the social worker impede their ability to work together effectively. * Value conflicts over limited resources; social worker may struggle with the value held by many people that persons living in poverty do not deserve a handout but instead should have to work.

Value conflicts-related to religion and beliefs:
A number of social workers are employed by faith-based organizations that espouse a religious mission and philosophy. However, social works will work with Clint’s own system and beliefs. Many social workers are drawn out from their profession, because of they do not have any experience regarding to Clint’s Varity of religious beliefs. Value conflicts can occur when the religious beliefs of the Clint and the social workers are different in some way. However many of social workers find that practicing social work based on clients beliefs goes hand-in hand and they can manage it. Value conflicts over limited resources:

the social work profession values state that each person should have the access to recourses to optimize their quality of life and the whole society agrees that, but most of these resources are limited. Social work students may struggle in particular issues regarding values that conflict in society.

The social worker’s values:
any social worker must ensure of their values, the reality is you cannot see your values unless you saw other value’s system. Your value system reflects the influences of your social life such as your education, religion, spiritual and professional experience. Values clarification is the process...
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