Ethics in Public Administration Week 2

Topics: Ethics, Interpersonal relationship, Employment Pages: 4 (689 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Ethics in Public Administration: Week 2 Assignment Case Study 1

Isabel Carter
PADM505 October 19, 2014
Kennedy Maranga

Dennis the city Manager is working late and he catches his new Budget Director Susan in a compromising situation with the Assistant City Manager. The employee policy prohibits this type of behavior between their employees. According to the City Code of Ethics this type of behavior is unacceptable and calls for dismissal. Ethics is not the act of controlling co-workers behavior. Dennis may have a duty to discuss what he saw in the workplace. The fact is he only saw the two employees embrace, he would be better off if he discussed the situation with the two employees and find out the issue. He could off interpreted the embrace as passionate and it could have been an embrace of two friends. He is assuming the two employees are having an inappropriate relationship. Does Susan report to Gary directly? Dennis should discuss the no dating policy with the employees, before he makes any assumptions. “A fraternization policy needs these components. It must prohibit romantic relationships between a manager and a reporting staff member. It must define the behavior that is acceptable and what is not acceptable. The policy must supply the potential consequences of breaking the policy. It must provide courses of action that leave an employee with opportunities to understand and follow the policy.”(HumanResources, 2014) The next issue at hand would be how a relationship between the two employees would affect their work. The City is having financial problems and the major concern would be to get the Cities budget under control and if the of Susan is Budget Director and she is doing her job and helping the City. She discovered a major errors which will save the city millions of dollars giving them a surplus for the first time in years. The fact the Susan is practicing effective spending and saving the City millions is a plus for Dennis as the...

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