ethics in organizations

Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Ethics in Organizations
Ethics as a term can be best described as the moral correctness of specified conduct. The question can thus be raised as how one can apply this definition from Merriam-Webster to the business world and organizations. If one chooses to go further in depth, they can see how ethical choices can either benefit or create problems for an organization and its customers. Here, we will look into what problems arise when the organization acts in a questionably ethical manner. Going off of this, the three most noticeable points that come from poor ethical operations begin with possible company lawsuits and fines, the company losing worker commitment, and last, a decrease in customer loyalty.

Besides the dictionary definition, what does it really mean for an organization to act in an unethical manner? Or, what paths does a company take in order to end up in this situation? Ethics are based on human rights, and therefore when those rights are violated multiple problems can and most likely will arise. Deliberate deception, violation of conscience, unlawful conduct, and disregard of company policy are some of the most common ways to act unethically in a business (Duff, 2012). Looking into deliberate deception for instance, one can see that if credit is taken for another person’s work, or if one misrepresents the product to boosts sales, a workplace catastrophe results. Now that we are aware of some of the unethical acts committed in an organization, let us dig deeper into the outcomes of these situations.

We start with the possibility of companies having to deal with strenuous lawsuits and fines, which often are derived from unethical business actions. Say for example, that Company A creates a product almost identical to that of Company B, but markets it as their new and noteworthy invention. Company B is likely to file a lawsuit claiming their rights to the product and will most likely not perform future transactions with Company A....
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