Ethics in Journalism

Topics: Lie, Ethics, Animorphs Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: December 9, 2001
The public's reliance on the media appears to be at its peak. The Media has more of a responsibility than ever to maintain an ethical standard in reporting the News. This standard should be carried out in not only the authenticity of the information dispersed, but also the means through which the information is obtained. However, many argue that not all unethical practices in obtaining information are a liability. These people reason that if the results sought are of great public interest, the ends justify the means.

Some of the media's procedures in attaining information are arguably unethical regardless of the public interest. Hidden cameras, establishing false business locations to entice a person into doing something wrong, and deception on documentation are just some examples of procedures that are surrounded by a question of ethics. The types of methods are certainly deceptive and therefore contradicting. The reason that the means are conflict with ends is that using one manner of deception to discover another is fraudulent. However, the question of the difference in severity between the deception used by the media and the deception that they uncover is what creates valid argument supporting the usage of these tactics.

The utilization of the hidden camera has become a common mannerism in investigative news reporting. The idea of placing a camera in place where the agent performing illegal act is unaware of its existence, has become the routine way to uncover a story. The media's employment of hidden cameras is viewed many as a violation of privacy and therefore, illegal. Conversely, the material that is uncovered by media when using hidden cameras is usually of great public interest; it contributes towards the improvement of area that is being affected. The use of hidden cameras is valid when it uncovers illegal practices that put the general public safety at risk.

Unlike hidden cameras, establishing false business locations to entice a person into...
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