Ethics in Criminal Justice

Topics: The Departed, Police, Critical thinking Pages: 5 (1938 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Ethical Paper 1 Code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities and expectations of a particular person who is a member of a group or even a community. When I analyze the definition of code of conduct I think of the word laws and how both definitions are different and similar to one another. The definition of laws is a system of rules, regulations, principles, and guidelines that are established and enforced by an institution or even a community to govern behavior and order. In simple comparison laws act as the main idea of the picture that everyone must follow, and if not followed the way that the law is set then one is breaking the law. On the other hand, code of conduct can be differentiated depending on the situation you are a part of; such as, a particular group, job, or community. In relation to the movie, The Departed; the laws of our everyday life was still there. The laws of our current world were no different from theirs, but they had a whole different set of codes of conduct that they had to follow and obey depending on which group they were in no matter if the actually law was being broken. Both definitions are different in itself and one would think that the actually law is most important but in this movie and in some real life cases, code of conduct is more important. For example, in the movie Jack Nicholson’s character played as almost a dictator in the film. He was the king of a Boston Mod and every decision made had to go through him, he called all the shots in the community; as if he was the ruler of the community. Everything that he and his mod did was against the law but was a part of their codes of conduct. If any of the members didn’t follow the codes of conduct of the group they will be killed. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s laws and code of conduct was extremely complex to follow. He worked for an agency (the police department) that swears to obey, enforce, and live by the law. His role was to play undercover as a member of the enemy, the Boston Mob. The Mob had codes of conduct that were completely opposite of what Leonardo DiCaprio’s character usually follows but he had to obey them for the sake of his job and even his life, he had to break the laws that he was accustomed to in order to follow the codes of conduct of Jack Nicholson’s Boston Mob. It was all a game of act to take down the mod and its dictator Jack Nicholson. Matt Damon’s character was all an act as well. His role was the opposite of Leonardo DiCaprio; he worked as a spy in the police department for Jack Nicholson, his “rat”. He played good guy for the police but was really a part of the enemy being the Boston mob. Both men lived a double life. Was this all predetermined?

“The doctrine of determinism holds that everything is predetermined to happen as it actually does happen, including our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (page 55).”Every event has a cause, everything happens for a reason. One can argue that life is predetermined and I will agree. In fact Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s background was perfect for his undercover role playing job. His family had ties to the Boston mob’s underworld. He fit right in, and Jack Nicholson’s character gained all the trust and confidence in him. In the movie Jack Nicholson’s character stated that it is unbelievable that DiCaprio’s character is a part of the Mob and if his parents and Uncle were to still be alive that they will kill everyone and anyone so that DiCaprio wouldn’t be a part of the mob. His family before was against Nicholson’s codes of conduct but failed to stop him, but little did Nicholson know that DiCaprio was actually role playing to bring justice against him and his Boston mob. There are many forms of Determinism, such as: internal, biological, psychological, external, and hard/ soft determinism. There isn’t enough evidence to prove that Matt Damon’s character’s life was fully predetermined....
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