Ethics in Child and Youth Development

Topics: Ethics, Integrity, Morality Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Assignment 2

Understanding child and youth care practice.

In every organization there is need for ethical practices and the Child and Youth Care field is not an exception. Stuart (2009:181) defines a code of ethics as a set of rules or standards for behavior or as a set of principles to follow in making decisions about how to behave. These set of rules will be the yardstick for right and wrong in the field of Child and Youth Care work. Below is going to be a discussion on the importance of ethical practices, the writers’ view on what the consequences of unethical practice should be and the reasons why it should be so. More so, one can expect to see a case study of an unethical practice that occurred at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Just before the conclusion there is going to be a section of a reflection on how far the care of children came over the centuries and how it has affected the writer.

Gharabaghl (2008:185) points out that the centrality of the concept of relationship within Child and Youth Care practice, it is clear that values are an important element of that practice. So much so that it is rather very difficult to imagine Child and Youth Care practice unfolding in the absence of any role or value. This then shows that in order for the organization to be a successful one people have to be able to follow a certain way of carrying out their different tasks. Hence ethical practice is important. It of paramount importance to take note that, personal values are shaped by our past, present and future thus people have different values. Therefore, in order to engage with children and youth one should be able to not allow ones’ values to provide a framework for ones’ thoughts of action in an unfettered manner or each agrees to mitigate or transcend specific values in order to limit the range of acceptable interventions and interactions. This is because if there is acceptance of the unfettered presence and impact of values in work, the risk of exposing...
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