Ethics HW 3

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Truth Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: March 12, 2015
Danielle E. Verboski
Friday, March 13, y
Carol Stanland

1. What is a virtuous journalist, according to the authors? And what do they mean “an ethical code of practice”?
A “virtuous journalist” is a mix of characteristics which are best described as a commitment from the journalist and other in that field that uphold themselves to ethical principals and standards. A journalist who seems the truth and is not reporting with bias or the interests of others based on power or consumerism. I think the “virtuous journalist” is somewhat hard to come by due to the fact that many journalist have to follow guidelines based on who they work for.

The term “ethical code of practice” in general, is some overall guidelines and principles that individuals in different career field work by. For instance, a journalist who follows an ethical code of practice would show a commitment to report ethically and has a common aim for the well being of the public. Any and all reporting would be accurate reports and the stories would be truthful. The following examples stated in our text depict non ethical practicing, “harrasment, invasions of privacy, doorstepping the victims of traumatic events”(727). Another example of a career outside of the media industry that would need to follow an “ethical code of practice”, would be someone who is providing services to the public such as a doctor or even a teacher.

2. According to this except, is it legitimate for a journalist to have a political agenda in his or her writings? Explain why or why not.
According to this excerpt, it is not legitimate for a journalist to have a political agenda in his or her writings. Having a hidden political agenda would create a bias, and more than likely reflect how certain stories are conveyed to the public. For instance, if a journalist was for one certain particular side and a story came out that could possible negatively effect what that individual is for than it is a possibility that...
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