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Topics: John Rawls, Utilitarianism, Liberalism Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: May 6, 2012
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Distributive Justice

Distributive justice is normative principles. It raises the interelated notions of individual rights, fairness, equality and entitlement. The principles vary in numerous dimensions. These issues explore the appropriate distribution of social and economic benefits and related costs. There are five principles included an equal share for each individual, a share according to the needs of each individual, a share according to the efforts of each individual, a share according to the social contribution of each individual and a share according to the merits of each individual. There are three theories of distributive justice included Libertarianism, Utilitarian and Egalitarianism.

Libertarianism approach

It is a theory that defends unlimited laissez-faire capitalism as the only morally justified regime. Libertarian required for the maximization of freedom and liberty or the minimization of violations in these as long as the corporations don’t harm other’s freedom and not breaking the law. Following Locke, Nozick, the entitlement theory depends on the original acquisition of holding, the legitimate transfer of holdings to/ form others and the illegal acquisition of holdings. Libertarianism is doesn’t consider actual distributing in society. It means that the right of every individual to unlimited utilization of his own person (self-ownership); and the right to unrestricted, or relatively mildly limited, appropriation of external resources without suffering others and fraud from these transactions. In addition, an individual has exclusive right to all the goods that are product of use of his talents and efforts and he has either the right to appropriate all natural resources, which he finds and takes before others. Whether the distribution is just depends solely on how holdings were acquired. Property rights are derived from an individual’s basic moral rights, which take priority over all social or legislative...
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