Ethics-Game Dilemmas

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Ethics-Game Dilemmas
Ethics and Social Responsibility- ETH/316
November 19, 2012
Mary Carter

Individual Organizational Issues – Simulation Reflective Summary The ethical issues that were presented in the Week Three Ethics Game Simulations were from The Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled ID. The ethical issues on “The Mysterious Blogger” were whether the information obtained by Jamal Moore, the IT Tech was enough to discipline Aaron Webb, the blogging employee for violating the NDA policy. As for “The Veiled ID”, the ethical issue had to do with how to develop a security policy that provides for employees’ physical safety and accommodating special needs. The decision making steps taken to work on these ethical issues were based on the job position giving by the simulation. These decisions making were to protect the interest of shareholders and the effects on a long and short terms. Everyone who made a contribution or an investment to the company will be affected by any ethical issues that arise or are brought up by the organization or an employee. It will also affect the individual and the company. Apart from always doing the right things and following company’s rules, it is also about protecting the shareholders and the interest of the company. If the companies policies are broken in any way, a good decision has to be taken that will produce the best outcome in the situation, that way order and discipline will be maintain within the company. The ethical perspectives that were used to make the decisions taken during the simulation were based only on some options that were giving in each scenario. In the simulation there was no right or wrong answers, it was based on the time taken to use critical thinking in order to reach a decision that best fitted the situation. By determining the value and effects of the stakeholders in both The Veiled ID and The Mysterious Blogger it was the cause that influenced the decision that...
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