Ethics Essay

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Virtue ethics Pages: 1 (443 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Ethics Essay Ethics is a study of what is the action of an individual. It also is the study of right and wrong in human life. There are many types of ethics. Ethical development is a very important tool that is used in todays society. This is the basis of defining, our entire culture. In this paper, the similarities and differences between utilitarianism, virtue theory, and deontological ethics will be discussed. While looking it to these for further insight of the similarities and differences someone can begin to comprehend the importance of ethics and the social responsibility that it can play in personal and business success. Reflecting on a personal experience I will explain the relationship between the following virtue, values, and moral concepts as they have related to one of the specific ethics theory tin this paper. The similarities between each of these can make them seem made as if they are one. For example, morals define us as individuals, more specifically our characters and ethics express the social system as it relates to work environment. According to Boylan (2009), virtue theory has a definition of cultivating excellence in life and constituting an aspect of the good person (Boylan, 2009). In this theory the emphasis is on deciding what kind of person you should try to be. A person should decide what makes a good person, instead of what makes an action good and that act accordingly. There are limitations to this way of thinking. One limitation is that what constitutes a virtue has to be agreed on and this can change be culture and in time. More recently, the qualities of good financial reports have come to be relevance for decision-making, reference to a wider conceptual framework, and presenting the economic substance of business transactions. ( HYPERLINK http// Utilitarianism is what the virtue theory is based on. The utility that conduct should be directed to promoting happiness to the largest number of...
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