Ethics Dilemma Vignettes

Topics: Ethics, Individual rights, Rights Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Case one

In this case the company acted in an ethical way. This is an example of the principle of individual rights. The manager had decided to fire the employee instead of resolving the initial issue, which results in employee dissatisfaction. However, as the company does not want a bad reputation online or in the office, firing was the best solution. An employee has the right to freedom of speech but the employer also will be intolerant of any employee anti- corporate activities, which it perceives might be gross misconduct from erring employees and at the peril of organization objectives.

Case Two

“Region coding” of ink cartridges is an ethical action taken by the company. It is their way to prevent consumers and grey marketers from purchasing the cartridges in other regions at lower prices. It also allows the company to keep the prices stable. The company`s action benefits themselves, as their consumers would have no choice but to buy the ink cartridges from them. The type of ethical principle that the company is portraying is distributive justice. It is our job as a consumer to ask the questions that are important to us and cost would be one of them. This case has a low moral intensity.

Case Three
This case involves unethical behaviour. It is likely safe to assume that the software obtained from the employee’s friend has a copyright attached. This makes it illegal for the software to be used by anyone other than the purchaser, as it is unlawful to be using pirated software. The concept of utilitarianism is at question in this case. The company’s stakeholders will be exposed to operational risks by allowing the employees to use this free software, especially if the software is infected with a virus or is unsecured and unprotected against external web attacks. The level of moral intensity is rather low given the fact that the employee that brought this free copy of the software appears to be ethically insensitive as well as is the company...
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