Ethics Dilemma Paper

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Melissa Andrewjeski


One of the most difficult things in the criminal justice field is related to ethics in the criminal justice profession. Whether it being a corrections officer, police officer, or a judge. The main goal is to ensure you as a professional are making the right decision for the greater good and that it falls within the guidelines that are set before you in the laws that have been written. In the recent dilemma that occurred in Broward County on February 19, 2014 is an example of an ethics dilemma in the criminal justice field that happens much too often. I will explain to you the nature of the dilemma, the ethical/unethical decision that was made, the outcome of the situation, and suggest some alternative courses of actions that could have taken place instead and why.


On February 19, 2014 a Broward County Sheriff's deputy of 20 plus years on the force conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle traveling unlawfully in the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane. Once the deputy had the vehicle stopped he was informed by the woman in the driver's seat that she was recording him conducting the traffic stop. Once the sheriff's deputy gained knowledge of this he proceeded to force his way into the woman's vehicle trying to grab her phone, then pulling her out of the vehicle and dragging her onto the ground causing injuries in several places as another deputy stood by with his gun drawn. All the while this was going on he continued to yell at her stating she was committing a felony and telling her "I know the law better than you" , and placing her under arrest. The ethical dilemma this situation brings forward is: was the actions taken by this deputy really necessary and justified on an ethical basis? (Miller, 2014).


In this particular situation an unethical decision was made based on the circumstances...

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