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Ethics Dilemma

By sangreal8 May 07, 2013 278 Words
Mark A. Glenn, March 13, 2012

Chapter 15 Ethics Dilemma

Social Networking is a huge part of everyone’s life. It is becoming even bigger than most people realize. After reading the Ethics Dilemma I am once again torn. There are, of course, two sides to everything. The dilemma is whether you should allow work colleagues or even your boss access to your personal life through social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

On one side of it, I believe it should be okay. It is a great way to network in your career field. You make new acquaintances and friends at your place of work. Most people probably spend more time with work colleagues than they do with their families, therefore those relationships usually become more than casual work relationships anyway.

A person should be careful of how they portray themselves on these social networking sites anyway. Most companies are looking at these sites before they even hire a person. You should always portray yourself as a professional online no matter what. Everything you put on the internet can potentially be seen by anyone at any time.

I know some people like to keep their personal lives completely separate from their professional lives, and that is their right. But at the same time, you should always be careful of what you put on these social networking sites because they can still be viewed whether you friend a colleague or not. To sum it up, I lean a little more towards thinking that is okay to blend your personal life with your professional life. Most of the time there is not much separation between the two anyways.

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