Ethics Awareness

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Ethics Awareness
PSY 490
December 24, 2012
Although there are varying perspectives on ethics, most individuals concur there is right and wrong, although they may differ on formulating ethical decisions. According to Landrum and Davis (2010), most individuals will exhibit behaviors consistently coinciding with their principles of right versus wrong. Additionally, both ethical, and unethical conduct is the consequences of a complex combination of influences at the basis of an individual decision making (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009). My ethical perspective reflects a characteristic based on personal virtue, major value on individual integrity, honesty, wisdom, benevolence, and justice, and believes there is greater importance in being ethical than accomplishing an ethical act. Ascertaining the ethical nature of an individual, examining their character rather than evaluating by the value of their actions, thus the author will typify her perspectives on the insight from the ethics awareness inventory (Williams, 2011). Personal Ethics, Principles, and Cod of Conduct

Personal ethics is a purposeful development over a lifespan influencing behaviors on various levels. In the profession of psychology working with and assisting other individuals, professionals must implement persistently ethical and moral decision-making and continue in developing a personal understanding of morality. Ethical standards involve not only ethical issues but also competence, human relations, privacy, therapy, and confidentiality, essential in the growth of others and oneself (American Psychological Association Ethical, 2003). Personal ethics is a vital aspect of any professional and personal discipline and conducting oneself ethically, an individual must be ethical. Some individuals justify their actions through the foundations of ethics, which can direct one to applying awareness, articulation, and application (Williams, 2011). Psychologist employing Code of Conduct and...
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