Ethics at Bhel

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Our Initiatives
1. Environment Protection & Energy Conservation 2. Adoption of ITI’s and Setting up of Skill Development Institutes 3. Vocational Training 4. Education & Promotion of Talents 5. Adoption of Villages and Community Development 6. Disaster/Calamity Management 7. Health Management 8. Infrastructure Development

Human Rights Anti-corruption Labour Standards

CSR Innitiatives

Environmentally Responsible

Social Welfare Innitiatives Green Energy

Human Rights
 BHEL’s

policies have been meticulously drafted & followed keeping the principles of human rights, the Constitution of India, labour laws etc., in mind.  There has been no instance of the company having abused human rights in any manner.

Labour Standards

  

Effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining All the Labour laws are strictly adhered to in BHEL All Heads of BHEL Units are required to submit a report about compliance with different laws BHEL has various bi-partite fora for workers, where the issues/problems concerning the workers are discussed and settled BHEL has also an apex level bipartite forum wherein representatives of all Units of BHEL, along with the Central Trade Union Organizations, to which the Unions are affiliated, are represented from the workers’ side and the Management is represented by Chairman and functional Directors along with the Heads of Units.

Abolition of Child Labour and Discrimination

 

 

The company does not employ forced and compulsory labour. As per BHEL’s Recruitment Policy, the minimum age for the employment is 18 years No person below this age can be employed in BHEL, thereby ensuring that child labour is not employed in BHEL. Eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation There has been a uniform set of rules mentioned in the ‘The Personnel Policy’ of BHEL, that equally applies to all employees, irrespective of factors such as sex, caste, religion, race etc.

Environmental Responsibility

To improve quality of ground water & preserving every drop of water, additional rain water harvesting systems were installed at all the plants & township of the Company. Several tree plantation drives were organized at plants/townships of the company located across the country Employees and surrounding communities are involved and has brought the total number of trees planted so far up to 30 lakhs. Conservation of natural resources, generation of energy from waste and efficient water management.

Social Welfare
  

BHEL is involved in a host of community development programmes in various parts of the country. BHEL has set up schools for mentally challenged children at its four major units These schools, run by BHEL in association with members of BHEL Ladies Club, cater to the special training required for these under privileged children. The first such school called `Arivalayam’ was set up by the management in 1977 at its Trichy Plant with technical support from Christoffel Blinden Mission of Germany A psychiatrist and psychologist attend to the needs of the children & speech therapists provide guidance to teachers and parents, periodically.

Vocational Training & Skill Development
 Vocation training like-

-weaving door mat, -screen printing, tailoring, -electrical coil winding, -helps these students in integrating with the community.  Enable them to make a living on their own, besides boosting their self confidence

Adoption of Villages and Community Development
 In the area of rural development, BHEL has been

playing a proactive role and has adopted 56 villages all over the country in the vicinity of its major manufacturing plants  In these villages welfare activities like medical aid, provision of street lights, drinking water and infrastructure support to  schools are undertaken regularly  It benefits over 80,000 people of...
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