Ethics and Values and 2g Scam

Topics: Ethics, Cost-benefit analysis, Decision theory Pages: 15 (4612 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Ethics and Value Management Project Report

Table of Content

1. Abstract
1.1 Introduction
2. Ethical Issues
3. Ethical Dilemma’s
3.1. Dilemma faced by A. Raja
3.1.1. Role of A. Raja
3.1.2. Ethical Theories
3.1.3. Cost and Benefit analysis
3.1.4. Recommendation for resolving the Dilemma
3.2. Dilemma faced by Corporates
3.2.1. Role of Corporates
3.2.2 Ethical Theories
3.2.3. Cost and Benefit analysis
3.2.4. Recommendation for resolving the Dilemma
3.3. Dilemma faced by Government
3.3.1. Role of Government
3.3.2. Ethical Theories
3.3.3. Cost and Benefit analysis
3.3.4. Recommendation for resolving the Dilemma
3.4 Dilemma faced by Media
3.4.1. Role of Media
3.4.2. Ethical Theories
3.4.3. Recommendation for resolving the Dilemma
4. Recommendations for avoiding recurrence of the issue
4.1 Plan to avoid recurrence of such a scam

5. References
5.1. Websites
5.2. Books

1. Abstract
1.1. Introduction:
The 2G spectrum scam involved politicians and government officials in India illegally undercharging mobile telephony companies for frequency allocation licenses, which they would then use to create 2G subscriptions for cell phones. The shortfall between the money collected and the money that the law mandated to be collected is estimated to be 176,645 Crore (US$32.15 billion), as valued by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India based on 3G and BWA spectrum auction prices in 2010. However, the exact loss is disputed. The Supreme Court declared allotment of spectrum as "unconstitutional and arbitrary" and quashed all the 122 licenses issued in 2008 during tenure of A. Raja(then minister for communications & IT) the main official accused in the 2G scam case. In 2011, Time magazine listed the scam at number two on their “Top 10 Abuses of Power” list.

2. Ethical Issues
With the outbreak of the 2G spectrum scam, the following ethical issues on the part of the Government, Regulatory bodies, media and industry came into the forefront. * Spirit of collective responsibility not conserved: An ethics of co-responsibility is required and can only be implemented through mechanisms well beyond the legal system. In the 2G scam, almost all of the entire media and nation has put the name of Mr A. Raja as the responsible person for the corruption but the actual decision of telecom policy was passed through the cabinet.

* Too much power in hands of very few: This is what actually happened in case of 2G scam. The entire decision making power rested in the hands of selected bureaucrats.

* Middle men used for access to those in power: Middlemen were used to by company officials and other illicit channels to reach the ministers. People in power were lured by money. Those who did not bend to the power of money were either transferred or were threatened.

* Neutrality of media questionable: In the 2G Spectrum Scam Case, instead of providing valuable insights, the media is trying to become the judiciary. The media has targeted easy scapegoats, revolving their stories around a selected few because even they know that it is difficult for them to target certain big names like the Tatas, Ambanis and Ruias.

* Personal greed puts business ethics at stake: Raja was the mastermind of this whole scam and his personal greed made him do all the corrupt things. The 2 fundamentals of business i.e. fair dealing and transparency was completely kept aside to enjoy the false fruits.

* Wrong use of power leads to a great turmoil: Raja being the Telecom minister, tried to influence the senior officials of DOT by all means. Those who didn’t get influenced were either transferred or removed from their posts.

3. Ethical Dilemma’s

3.1. Dilemma Faced By A. Raja:
Mr A. Raja was in a dilemma whether he should disclose the name of every main conspirator of the plot, or should he wait for his fellow mates having a reputed position in the government and corporate world to help him get out...
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