Ethics and The Blind Side

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Many movies and books have moral lessons or ethical dilemmas and the movie “The Blind Side” is no different. This movie will capture many hearts to those who are in touch with their own morals. It is based on a true life story of an African American boy named Michael who lives in a bad section of the city. Michael is slow at learning and keeps to himself for the most part. At school he comes across another boy in school named S.J. Tuohy, who is quite a bit younger but tries to talk to Michael. After S.J.’s mom, Leigh Ann Tuohy, hears of Michael and finds out he doesn’t really have a place to call home, she invites him to stay with their family. Everyone in the family eventually gets attached to Michael and invites him to live with them. Leigh Ann gets into a few ethical dilemmas with many different people because of her choice to open her doors to this boy. Leigh Ann helps Michael achieve excellence in his grades, gets him into football, provides clothing and anything else he may need, and also ends up adopting him. After sticking up for what she believed is right, people start accepting the fact that she wants to help Michael. Michael goes on to achieve many great things after a lot of hard work and dedication from Leigh Ann and eventually moves on to college (IMDb, 2009).

There are many situations in this movie that can be considered ethical dilemmas and here is an example. Leigh Ann always goes to lunch with her sister and a few close friends who are in the same class as her. They give Leigh Ann trouble about Michael and search for any reason she may be doing this besides the true reason of doing the right thing. They laugh and make jokes about the situation but Leigh Ann gets aggravated with this and states she is willing to give up her “richy” friends if they cannot respect her values and choices. After they realize she is serious they suddenly change the tone and state Leigh Ann is changing Michael’s life, but Leigh Ann...

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