Ethics And Social Responsibility

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Ethics and Social Responsibility

Mitchell Askew
Business Management
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What is ethics and social responsibility and why is it important in the work place. MGMT (2013-2014) workplace deviance, ethics: Ethics is the set of moral principles or values that defines right and wrong for a person or group. A Society of human resources management survey found that only 27 percent of employees felt that their organization’s leadership was ethical. In a study of 1,324 random selected workers, managers, and executives across multiple industries, 48 percent of the respondents admitted to actually committing an unethical of illegal act in the past year. (pg 65) Before I read this I thought why do we have to be taught ethics in school. I read that 48 percent of 1,324 people committed an unethical or illegal act. Made me think I always thought that’s your folk’s job to do that because someone has to teach you right and wrong. After thinking about it this is the same thing teaching you more rights and wrong. I would never take money from a company because someone taught me that. Sometimes I forget I have tools on me like box knife of a tape measure and take them home but I bring them back because I use them every day at work. So I can see how people might not think it’s such a big deal when they do stuff like take tip of money or tools home. MGMT (2013-2014) workplace deviance, ethical behavior: Depending on which study you have looked at, one third to three quarters of all employees admit that they have stolen from their employers, committed computer fraud, embezzled funds, vandalized company property, sabotaged company projects, fake injuries to receive workers compensation benefits or insurance, or been sick from work when they weren’t really sick. (pg 65) I believe employees do this because they think there boss is cheating them. Also they hate there job and or their boss, or believe it’s their right to have more money. It could be more days off of work, or being paid for being off of work so they pretend their hurt. There are a lot of different kinds of workplace deviances. MGMT (2013-2014) workplace deviance, workplace deviances: production deviance hurts the quality and quantity of work produced. Property deviance is unethical behavior aimed at company property or products. Employee shrinkage is theft of company merchandise by employees. Political deviance is using one’s influence to harm others in the company. Personal aggression is hostile or aggressive behavior towards others. (pg 65-67) MGMT (2013-2014) workplace deviance, moral development: there are 6 stages in moral development. Stage 1 the punishment and obedience stage, your primary concern will be to avoid trouble for yourself. Stage 2 the instrumental exchange stage, you worry less about punishment and more about doing things that directly advance your wants and needs. Stage 3 the good boy, nice girl stage, you normally do what the other good boys and nice girls are doing. Stage 4 you again look for external guidance and do whatever the law permits. Stage 5 the social contact stage, you will refuse to copy the software because, as a whole, society is better off when the rights of others in this case, the rights of software authors and manufactures are not violated. Stage 6 the universal principle stage, you might or might not copy the software, depending on your principles of right and wrong. (pg 71-72) I wanted to know how you could fix these problems I found some steps to preventing non ethical behavior. How to Teach Ethical Decision Making Skills to Employees by Jennifer Sable, Demand Media (2014) Build Ethical Action Step 1 Create an environment that support ethics in business. Include it in your mission statement and in company manuals. Step 2 Demonstrate through action that you do not condone unethical behavior and do not tolerate actions that are illegal, such as theft, fraud, and workplace harassment, even to the tiniest degree. An...
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