Ethics and Safety essay

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 4 (879 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Ethics and safety essay:


1. Define the term morality.

Morality refers to values subscribed to & fostered by society in general and individuals within society.

2. Define the term ethics.

For the purpose of our course, Ethics can be defined as the application of morality within a context established by cultural and professional values, social norms, and accepted standards of behavior.

3. Briefly explain each of the following ethics tests: morning-after, front-page, mirror, role reversal, common sense.

The Common sense test requires you to listen to what your instincts and common sense are telling you, if it feels wrong, it probably is. Role reversal test requires you to trade places with the people affected by your decision and view the decision through their eyes. When you ask yourself, “If you make this decision, how will you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror?” this is an example of the mirror ethic test. The front-page test encourages you to make a decision that would not embarrass you if printed as a story on the front page of your hometown newspaper. And lastly the morning-after test you ask yourself, “if you make this choice, how will you feel about it tomorrow morning?”

4. What is the safety and health professional’s role with regard to ethics?

They are responsible for multiple roles in regard to ethics. Which include: their responsibility for setting an example of ethical behavior, helping fellow employees make the right decision when facing ethical questions. Also they are responsible for helping employees follow through and actually undertake the ethical option once the appropriate choice has been identified.

5. Briefly explain the following approaches to handling ethical behavior: best ratio, black and white, full potential.

The pragmatic approach is the best-ratio approach. Because people are basically considered good, that under the right circumstances...
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