Ethics and Religion

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The Integration of Ethics and Religion into Nursing

For many people, ethics is not only tied up in religion, but is completely settled by it through the Bible itself. People do not tend to think too much about ethics, because of the authoritative code of instructions inside of the Bible, the handbook of how to live. Some may say that religion is necessary to live ethically. Ethical codes should be looked at by the nurse as a systemic guideline of shaping his or her ethical behavior. The nurse uses this to ask the question is his or her beliefs and values morally accepted.

The code of ethics has nursing boundaries and moral obligations for professionalism and practice. These codes for the nurse are explicit and the implied concepts of respect, confidentiality, moral courage, culture sensitivity, power and just being a good citizen of the world. Because nursing is concerned with the nurturing of the whole person, these concepts for the nurse penetrate every aspect of care.

Some have asserted that religion is necessary to be live ethically. Religion and spirituality in nursing is just as important for the nurse to be aware of as for the nurse to be compassionate towards her patients. The nurse must have an understanding of what spirituality is and what it means to him or her and how to incorporate it into his or her professional life. Spirituality can help the nurse to focus on his or her purpose on this planet.

The nurse must have the ability to respect religious choice and the patient’s right to self-determination. The nurse must be able to set aside their own belief systems and support their patient’s autonomous needs for spiritual care. The nurse becomes an advocate for the patient’s spiritual needs. Both the nurse and her patient benefit from the spiritual relationship.

When a patient is unwell, or is suffering from a terminal illness, he or she goes through a series of trauma that affects their physical, emotional,...
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