Ethics and Health Care

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Personal Code Of Ethics
Guiseppina Saieva
Kaplan University
Professor: Lisa Giarda
June 11, 2013

Personal Code of Ethics

Professional Ethics Statement For Guiseppina Saieva. As an ethics-based health care professional, I will strive to meet or exceed the statements below in the daily practice of my profession. The code of ethics is one that I feel is very important in life, both personally and professional
As a health care professional I shall be honest, the more honest you are, the more trustworthy you become. I shall have integrity, the better of a person you are, the better an image you present. I will be responsible because you must be responsible in life so that others can rely on you. I shall tell the truth. The value of truth is immeasurable, because without it, the world would just be filled with lies. I shall give credit where credit is due because without crediting people for their ideas/works, it is considered stealing and we are cheating them of their hard work. I will always be courteous because every act of kindness makes a difference in the life of someone. I will have and give respect. One of the most important things is to treat other as you wish to be treated. I shall have and display trust. Trust is the building block of relationships we create in our lives. I shall be harmonious because to live together and get along with everyone is a “delicacy” that we all long for. I pride myself as being an extraordinary health care professional, developing strong relationships within my patients and co-workers. I am dedicated to providing exemplary services, to my patients. I will have a compassionate commitment to maintaining healthier lives within my community through continued education that helps us to provide excellent quality of care.

Personal Code of Ethics Support Document

The Code of Ethics is intended to be principles to guide organization’s beliefs. These basic principles are

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