Ethics and Christian Counselors

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Clergy Pages: 9 (3235 words) Published: December 15, 2005
According to Webster's New World Dictionary, ethics is "the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment. The system of morals of a particular person, religion, or group. Morals, "is dealing with or capable of distinguishing between right and wrong, of teaching or in accordance with the principles of right and wrong" (2002).

As it pertains to the Christian perspective, Nelson's Bible Dictionary states that biblical ethics is "living righteously, doing what is good and refraining from what is evil in accordance with the will of God. The term refers not to human theories or opinions about what is right or wrong but to God's revealed truth about these matters" (1995).

Ethics are derived from the Greek word meaning custom and equivalent. Morals come from the Latin word expressing the same meaning. The purpose of ethics is to show the difference between right and wrong. Hughes believes it is not safe to say secular and Christian ethics should agree and be the same just because they are both apprehensive for courtesy and good, and order and against wrong (Hughes, 1983). Rudnick explains that ethics is a theory and also states, "It is an intellectual exercise, a process of reflection, analysis, decision, and evaluation" (Rudnick, 1979). Rudnick also goes on to express that Christian ethics as being "an evangelical approach to ethics is a method of determining what is right and wrong which grows out of a particular understanding and interpretation of the Christian message" (1979).

There can be no purpose for a basis of our moral beliefs if God is not involved and does not engage in spiritual assurance. Without God, there no is satisfactory or reasonable answer to the commonly asked question, how should I be living (Nielsen, 1973)? Nielsen also explains, "Without God there can be no objective foundation for our moral beliefs" (1973).
Issues like divorce and abortion are concerns that Christians do not support as being ethical or moral, whereas the secular world feels it to be fine and permissible (Hughes, 1983). Christian ethics aspiration is that the most important purpose of living is the relationship with God and seeking out Christ above man or woman. Christians are concerned with the relationship with God and loving the Lord as your first love. Non-Christians focus on the overall improvement of society and the good outcomes from solving issues (Hughes, 1983; American Association of Christian Counselors AACC, 2004). The AACC will support a client whom decided they would like to get a divorce or would like to abort their baby. Their focus is to be empathetic and kind and caring to their client as much as possible while help the client leave their office happier and with a resolved issue.

The AACC stresses the importance of incorporating God in the midst of their code of ethics that which are discussed and described within the seven biblical-ethical foundations addressed in the AACC ethics code. The ethical foundations establish that Jesus Christ is the greatest example for Christian counseling, ethics and care giving activities and Christian counseling is committed and is devoted to the church and keeps the close relationship within near and far Christians. It also states that the code is dedicated to helping others grow spiritually in Christ through spiritual, medical, environmental and counseling lead assistance. Christian counselors also hold Jesus Christ to be there first love above man or woman and hold true to working to their best ability at serving their clients, focusing and expressing honesty during practice and also respect for anyone that they may come across with outside of the counseling environment. Another foundation is the key aspect that Christian counselors hold true to the value of human life and self-respect of life of each individual and also purity of marriage and the value of the family. It also concludes with the recognition of involvement of free speech, religious freedom and...
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