Topics: Ethics, Virtue ethics, Virtue Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: March 27, 2012
BSB111 – Business Law and Ethics
Semester 1 2010

QBank offered Jen a substantial amount of money for the premises of her florist shop. However, this will all come at the cost of her two employees Diane and Helen losing their jobs in the shop. Therefore, it seems Jen faces an ethical dilemma, particularly because she promised her employees that she would keep them on. By looking at key relevant ethical theories a decision can be made that best suits Jens situation.


When applying the ethical theory of egoism to this case, it can be assumed that Jen will accept the offer from QBank, as she ought to be motivated to act in her own self interests. This is because, Jen benefits as her son will remain in an environment that will properly care for him, therefore putting less responsibility on Jen when considering her son’s safety and wellbeing. Also, Jen will be able to spend more time with her husband; therefore this may benefit both her and her family emotionally. In addition, she will be guaranteed a new job that will allow her to keep a sustainable income while she will also not have to waste time trying to obtain a new job. Thus, overall if she accepts QBank’s offer, then the outcome will have no negative effect on her personally, apart form the guilt that comes with letting Diane and Helen go.


When applying the ethical theory of utilitarianism to this case, it can be assumed that Jen will again accept the offer from QBank, as this will maximise the good of society. This is because, not only will it benefit her and her family as stated above, it will also benefit the local community. Setting up a branch will be beneficial to QBank’s clients in the area, as it will be easily accessible and convenient because it is located right next to a train station and a major shopping center. Therefore, although Diane and Helen may suffer if Jen accepts the offer, a greater number of people are benefiting in the outcome of...
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