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India is a country of myriad contradictions. On the one hand, it has grown to be one of the largest economies in the world, and an increasingly important player in the emerging global order. CSR which is corporate social responsibility has turned out to be an important aspect. While there may be no single universally accepted definition of CSR, each definition that currently exists underpins the impact that businesses have on society at large and the societal expectations of them. Although the roots of CSR lie in philanthropic activities (such as donations, charity, relief work, etc.) of corporations, globally, the concept of CSR has evolved and now encompasses all related concepts such as triple bottom line, corporate citizenship, philanthropy, strategic philanthropy, shared value, corporate sustainability and business responsibility. CSR in India has traditionally been

seen as a philanthropic activity. And in keeping with the Indian tradition, it was an activity that was performed but not deliberated. Infosys is one them. At infosys, the distribution of wealth is as important as its legal and ethical creation. A strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our value system. They are committed to contributing to the society and established the Infosys Foundation in 1996 as a not-for-profit trust to support our social initiatives. The Foundation supports programs and organizations devoted to the cause of the destitute, the rural poor, the mentally challenged, and the economically disadvantaged sections of the society. The Foundation also helps preserve certain cultural forms and dying arts of India. Through their Computers@Classrooms initiative launched in January 1999, they donated 2,567 computers to various institutions across India. Additionally, they have applied to the relevant authorities for permission to donate computers to educational institutions on an ongoing basis in the future. Infosys' Education & Research group has the pride of anchoring the Infosys Extension Program (IEP), which consists of the Infosys Fellowship Program, Rural Reach program, Catch Them Young and Train the Trainer. Infosys employees actively participate in the welfare of the local community. Their development centers (DCs) in India make a difference through several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.Their employees organize and contribute to welfare programs, especially for underprivileged children. They support the activities of institutes and non-government organisations (NGOs) dedicated to healthcare and education, and campaigns for skills development and community welfare. They have done a lot in many Indian cities like Chennai, banglore, chandigarh etc.  These are some social activities carried out by infosys through their development centres (DC). Bhubaneswar DC

Project Genesis: This initiative of the Infosys Affirmative Action Program (IAAP) prepares students for a career in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. The project was launched in Orissa in 2007 along with the state government to enhance the skills of academicians. Banglore DC

Rakum School for the visually challenged: Mitr, their local CSR team, visited the Rakum School for the visually challenged. Mobility, an exercise in which team members walked blindfolded using canes, helped them empathize with the children. The team organized games and distributed chocolates and stationery. Notebook distribution: The Infynite Smiles CSR team has been distributing books and stationery to underprivileged children across Karnataka since 2001. In 2009, the team touched more than 45,000 lives, including the tribal community.

Chandigarh DC
Behaviour and social skills development:Prayaas,...
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