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5. FAIRNESS. Ethical executives strive to be fair and just in all dealings. They do not exercise power arbitrarily nor do they use overreaching or indecent means to gain or maintain any advantage nor take undue advantage of another’s mistakes or difficulties. Ethical executives manifest a commitment to justice, the equal treatment of individuals, tolerance for and acceptance of diversity. They are open-minded; willing

to admit they are wrong and, where appropriate, change their positions and beliefs.

A person who is caring exhibits the following behaviors:
* Expresses gratitude to others
* Forgives others
* Helps people in need
* Is compassionate
A person who is fair exhibits the following behaviors:
* Is open-minded and listens to others
* Takes turns and shares
* Does not lay the blame on others needlessly
* Is equitable and impartia
A person who is trustworthy exhibits the following behaviors: * Acts with integrity
* Is honest and does not deceive
* Keeps his/ her promises
* Is consistent
* Is loyal to those that are not present
* Is reliable
* Is credible
* Has a good reputation

Fairness is a tricky concept. Disagreeing parties tend to maintain that there is only one fair position - their own. But while some situations and decisions are clearly unfair, fairness usually refers to a range of morally justifiable outcomes rather than discovery of one fair answer. Process

A fair person uses open and unbiased processes for gathering and evaluating information necessary to make decisions. Fair people do not wait for the truth to come to them; they seek out relevant information and conflicting perspectives before making important decisions. Impartiality

Decisions should be unbiased without favouritism or prejudice. Equity
It is important not to take advantage of the weakness, disadvantage or ignorance of others. Fairness requires that an individual, company, or society...
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