Topics: Ethics, Philosophy of life, Morality Pages: 1 (696 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Ariel Schiff
I do not come from the world of development as such I do not have work examples to share. I have many situations in my professional life I can think of where issues related to ethics are of importance. What life has told me that very often the answer is I do not know and that Ethics is very often a luxury that is not understood. Ounce at worked in a new job, in a financial software sales position I was in my first week” offered” a woman. By this I mean, it was a fellow female colleague who was known to be available and instead of working made sure to have “interactions” with some of male colleagues. I was literally told that she was available and that I should go for it. She in the next few days, quite clearly spent time around my desk and it was rather obvious what was expected of me. Since I decided not to sleep with her, I put myself in a difficult situation, I had literally to look at porn in the office and made sure other guys saw it and make many sexist and homophobic ( I am for gay rights) statements so at no time it could be thought I was gay.( which I am not) How do you deal with a situation like this? I considered that for obvious moral reasons to have sexual intercourse with her was sick, still society told me it is the opposite. By following my own code of values I did create a difficult work environment for myself. Ethics sometimes can be a luxury.

In another situation I was asked to fire someone who had done nothing wrong because that individual: happened to be the ex-assistant of the preceding ceo/founder of the company and that new ceo was unhappy of the business arrangement they had made and the only way he could get revenge was by firing her. Of course, he did not have the balls to do this so he asked me to do it. I decided not to do it. I was aware that the boyfriend of this assistant was out of work, I did try to push her to work harder so she resented me for it. She was not aware of what was happening. The ceo that hired me...
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