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1. To define the term of the whistleblowing
2. To Discuss elements to execute whistleblowing
3. To present the case study related to whistleblowing 3

– (I) Gene G. James
• The attempt of an employee or former employee of an organization to disclose what he or she believes to be wrongdoing in or by the organization. ― (II) Charles B. Fleddermann
• Act by an employee of informing the public or higher management of unethical or illegal behavior by an employer or supervisor.


• Whistleblowing is a term used to describe the disclosure of information that one reasonably believes to be evidence of contravention of any laws or regulation or information that involves mismanagement, corruption or abuse of authority.


• A subordinate goes over the head of an immediate supervisor to report problem to the higher management within the organization.

• Employee goes outside the company and reports wrongdoing to media or law-enforcement authorities. 6








• Employee who is
• Employee put his blowing the whistle name behind the refuses to reveal his accusations and is name when making willing to withstand accusations the inquiry brought on by his accusations 8

• The harm being reported is primarily harm to the whistleblower alone.

• Whistleblowing that done by people currently employed by the organization

• The harm being reported is primarily harm to the other people. •

Whistleblowing that done by people who have left an organization

 Need
 There must be a clear and important harm can be avoided by blowing the whistle.

 Proximity
 Whistleblower must be in a clear position to report on the problem
 Whistleblower must sufficient expertise in the area to make a realistic assessment of the situation.

 Capability
 The whistleblower must have a reasonable chance of

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